It has been a heart wrenching decision, but after 5 years, we have decided to close the North Carolina location. Opening a new business is always an adventure, and the ups and downs can be exhausting. Some of our hopes and dreams for this location were realized but sadly not enough to sustain this business. Dan and Kristen worked tirelessly, and we can't thank them enough for everything they have done. 

July 27th will be the last open day for our High Point location. Should you have any questions, you will still be able to reach Dan and Kristen through the end of August. Afterwards, you may direct all inquiries to our Gordonsville location.

Dan and Kristen have met and enjoyed working with so many people that they now call friends. They will miss seeing everyone. They are making plans for a smaller home-based operation to bake for family and friends. Please be patient as the details are worked out. Thank you to everyone who has supported our North Carolina operations.